Star Wars Christmas Light Show With Dubstep Imperial March

Normally during the Christmas season, you get to see your neighbors throw up some Christmas lights just to show that they aren’t completely cold hearted. Of course, there are those that throw up a full on light show that even Van Halen would envy. You see those streets normally called Candy Cane Lane. These are people that begin putting things up in September. However, this place in Texas has to begin the day after Christmas to get ready for next year.

Matt Johnson, who was once a contestant on ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight put together a display that would make Darth Vader bust out when he heard that beat drop. Using an EDM dubstep cover of “The Imperial March”, he created a display that would get you feeling a certain way about the outer rim territories.

This is happening in the downtown San Antonio areas at Dignowity Park. The display runs from 6 pm to 10 pm and continues its run until New Year’s Day. If anyone out there could get us some video with some Star Wars fans, we would love to share it all over the site.

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