StarCraft 2 Going Free-To-Play This Month

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In case you haven’t heard, BlizzCon 2017 is going on right now. The event is behind held in Anaheim and if you are unable to attend it’s not the end of the world. The event is being live-streamed and you can become a part of that. There were announcements expected, but Blizzard led off with one during the opening ceremonies.

CEO Mike Morhaime announced that StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty is becoming free-to-play. The real-time strategy game was launched in 2010 for Windows and Mac. This was the sequel to the 1998 StarCraft. Why twelve years between games? Because Blizzard, that’s why.

On November 14, players will be able to play the entire Wings of Liberty campaign at no additional cost. However, if you already own the content, you will receive Heart of the Swarm at no additional cost, according to The Verge.

The release of the sequel, as free to play, is timed perfectly. Earlier this year, the original StarCraft remastered was released. The HD remaster was updated to people that owned the original game and available as new to people that never owned the original classic.

While it makes sense that Blizzard would re-release the sequel in a remastered format, but it wouldn’t hold the same nostalgia appeal. Not to mention, the sequel was released seven years ago, while the original was in the last century. This allows StarCraft fans to play both games until your heart’s content. BlizzCon runs through this weekend and expect more news later on.