Starfleet 2364 Jackets Are A Must Have

Volante Design stands ready to help Star Trek fans gear up for missions through time and space, as their Starfleet 2364 jackets for men and women will ship next month. The signature style inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s uniforms is transformed into streetwear: recognizable as TNG-inspired, practical and wearable, as well as available in Command Red, Operations Gold and Sciences Blue.

Constructed of heavy-duty denim with rugged reinforced topstitching, each jacket also features an asymmetrical zipper, two snap-closure external pockets, and an internal pocket.

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The jackets are designed to look cool and have some functionality. However, you need to have some deep pockets for these jackets. Men’s and women’s version cost $315. Currently, the jackets are only available for pre-order and will ship out mid-December, according to the site.
That is a bit close for those of you thinking about getting it as a holiday gift. Adam and I played with the idea that if we ever did a public engagement, we would sport these. The fact that they are made of denim makes them durable and able to be worn on the usual.

Of course, you can get these in the three colors. Now, the biggest question of all: which color? As much as I like gold, which might be better complexion wise. I think I would have to go with command red. Let us know what you think in the comment.
Visit for sizing details and to pre-order the Starfleet 2364 jacket.

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