Starfleet Academy Series Coming to Paramount+

For the last few days, I have been giggling like a madman. Alex Kurtzman, who is the most hated man among Star Trek fans, signed a new five-year deal with CBS Studios. This allows him to stick around with Star Trek until 2026. Why am I giggling like a madman? It’s not because I love Kurtzman. His track record is hit-or-miss. It’s because the internet has been saying he is being fired and all new Trek is being canceled. In fact, a new Starfleet Academy series is in the works.

The New York Times reported in a profile piece of Kurtzman, that another new Trek series is coming. There isn’t much to the concept. Starfleet Academy is the idea the show will be built around and aimed at a younger audience.

The concept could be strong to get some teen angst in a Starfleet environment. The hatred for Kurtzman is definitely unfounded. It’s the same hatred that Rick Berman received by the end of the nineties Trek. People were calling for his head after the debut of Deep Space Nine and Voyager. That was not the Star Trek people loved from The Next Generation.

Starfleet Academy could be the Dawson’s Creek of Trek.

Kurtzman, himself, said he wants to get weirder with the franchise. He points to a pitch from Graham Wagner (“Portlandia,” “Silicon Valley”), centered on the character Worf, that he calls “incredibly funny, poignant and touching.”

I think Star Trek can be much bigger than its original series. Some people will love it, while other won’t. Those people shouldn’t be shamed for it. Discovery and Lower Decks take the franchise in a new direction which is enjoyable. At least to people without their head up their own ass.

Not everything will hit. I loved DS9 but never got into Voyager. However, I don’t hate anyone who does. Because that’s what a fucking adult does.