Stranger Things 3 Trailer Drop On Its Fan

This has probably been one of the longest hiatus’ unless you’re a fan of Games of Thrones, Sherlock, or Doctor Who. Netflix released the first trailer for Stranger Things 3, which is indicative of their third season. Unlike the past two seasons, they are not coming around the fall but this one is taking place during the summer. Summer of ’85.

Knowing that Steve and Eleven were originally designed to be killed off at the end of season one, it makes me glad that they changed their mind. After two seasons of the gang being awkward and young, everyone seems to be growing up. We can see people pairing off and the gang is in danger of being broken up.

Having the thought that the series could end with season five, it makes sense that the kids start to grow up. Just by looking at them in the trailer, you understand that time has passed for some of them. Although, remembering how life was back in the day, you nerdy guys begin to remember. Those times when you realize girls cool. So, you start to put those things away and follow the girls.

Seeing that Steve’s relationship with the boys seems to remain intact. That last line of the trailer, “how many young boys do you know?” That had me in that uncomfortable laugh. At some point, especially if you were an eighties kid, you know you spent a lot of your teen life in the mall. Which makes it fitting that bad shit happens in the mall. So true.

Nevertheless, I am happy to see the season take place between school years. Lots of changes happens to people during the summer. I can speak to a lot of that. That in and of itself speaks volumes as to why we have a love for the series. And, that it’s also good. Stranger Things 3 drops on July 4th.

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