Super Mario Maker 2 Coming With Co-Op Play

Super Mario Maker 2 is looking like a substantial upgrade over the original build-your-Mario-game. Today during a Nintendo Direct video, Nintendo detailed a huge number of features coming to the Switch game, chief among them co-op play, so that you can build and design levels with another player on the same console. You’ll also be able to play through created levels online with up to four other people.

That’s far from the only addition, however. The game will also include a range of new themes, including desert, winter, and forest; a brand new nighttime option that changes how certain aspects work; additional characters including Red Yoshi and Angry Sun; slopes, on/off switches, and custom scrolling for levels; a single-player story mode; and brand new music from longtime series composer Koji Kondo.

When first introduced on the now-defunct Nintendo Wii U, Super Mario Maker managed to give the doomed console some life, along with the port of Mario Party 8. The original game gained so much popularity that shortly after its launch, players managed to upload over a million levels onto the service.

The upgrades are expected, as the company is looking to push its Nintendo Online Service, which will only run you for $20 for a year. The co-op play is a nice touch for friends that want to create an insane course, and would be a lot of fun. It was one of the most anticipated games to be announced for the console.

This marks the beginning of a lot of high-profiled titles that are expected to come to the console this year. Not to mention, you can never go wrong when you drop a Mario title, especially if it’s either Smash Bros., Mario Party, and Mario Maker.

Honestly, it’s a lot, so if you’re interested in the nitty gritty details, I’d recommend checking out the video above. Meanwhile, Super Mario Maker 2 will be launching on the Switch on June 28th.

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