Supergirl Changing Channels, Agent Carter Cancelled and Other Comic TV Announcements


Thursdays do not usually have a lot going on in the realm of television but May is usually a bit different. This is the time that shows need to know whether they will get renewed or not, especially since network executives need to make their annual up-front announcements to reveal to the press what is coming back or debuting in the fall. There were quite a few bubble series on the fence, one particularly at CBS and a couple on ABC, and the wait is finally over.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that CBS’ high-hopes foray into the superhero genre Supergirl will be coming back for a second season but it will not be on CBS. It will be joining other Greg Berlanti shows on the CW. The site is even reporting that the series will move to Vancouver to film with its brethren The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, which already had early renewals. Even though in the Flash/Supergirl crossover it was revealed that she existed in a parallel universe, you can be sure more crossovers could happen.

One of the other issues that caused for the change was licensing rights. CBS was trying to get DC to bring the licensing rights of the series down. Before rights, the series cost $3 million per episode and with the declining viewership during the season, it seemed that the series would have to par down if it were to continue.

ABC did a bit of cleaning house on Thursday. Collider is reporting that after two seasons, Agent Carter has gotten the ax. It was previously reported that it looked like the series would not get a third season as star Hayley Atwell took a role on a pilot, which has recently been selected to series. This is not the only casuality for Marvel on ABC.

Marvel has struck out twice with trying to get an Agents of SHIELD spinoff off the ground. Marvel’s Most Wanted, which was slated to spinoff Bobbie Morse (Adrianne Palicki) and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) and continued the Marvel television universe was axed for a second time. Last season, it was being developed and then placed on hold. This season, they did a backdoor pilot for the series and ABC finally gave it the death blow.

After the disaster handling of Constantine, NBC is trying again for another property from DC. Powerless, which is a comedy that will deal with an organization that fixes the messes that are left behind after superheroes leave. Marvel had one in development, Damage Control, but that has been quiet since they announced development on the series. NBC’s version will include Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk, Danny Pudi and Christina Kirk.”


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