Swamp Thing Cancellation Is A Complete Surprise

Back in April, the heads at the newly acquired WarnerMedia drastically cut the order of the DC Universe series Swamp Thing from 13 episodes to 10. Rumors of budget overruns, lack of support, and decreased tax incentives from North Carolina all lead to the sudden Swamp Thing cancellation after just one week after the debut.

Unlike other cancellations, the remaining nine episodes of the series will continue to air, but there will not be a second season of the series. Some online reports cite that the new owners of WarnerMedia are trying to figure out how the DC Universe service will work into their own WarnerMedia streaming option that is coming out later this year.

Of all the series that have debuted thus far on the service, only Titans has received a second season order. Doom Patrol, which recently completed their first season two weeks ago, had yet to receive any word on a second season.

When AT&T purchased Warner Bros., it became clear right from the onset that they were making large cost cutting measures to help pay off the debt from the sale. Raising prices of their DirecTV streaming services, even though they promised Congress they wouldn’t, selling their shares in Hulu, skipping San Diego Comic-Con in 2019, and possibly closing the Vertigo label.

It seems that WanerMedia will be looking at the DC Universe service in one of two options: (one) work those series into their main WarnerMedia services, or (two) if they can’t find a way, they will shutter the service. This doesn’t bode well for people that are currently subscribing to their service. Again, this is speculation but all signs seem to be heading in that direction.

The second episode of Swamp Thing’s second episode will drop on Friday. So enjoy it while it lasts, but with that Swamp Thing cancellation you may not want to invest the time. It will be interesting when/if anything happens with the new Stargirl series drops.

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