T-Mobile Won’t Sell Fold On Their Network

Samsung has revealed the beleaguered Galaxy Fold will finally ship this September, but T-Mobile won’t sell Fold. The carrier has confirmed it on Thursday.

“T-Mobile will not carry the Galaxy Fold because we already offer customers a wide range of the latest smartphones,” a spokesperson told The Verge. AT&T, the other carrier that originally planned to offer the device, told Engadget it’s working with Samsung but doesn’t have anything else concrete to share for now. We’ve also contacted Samsung for comment.

Both T-Mobile and AT&T canceled pre-orders after Samsung delayed the Galaxy Fold just before it hit stores. Reviewers found debris got inside the device through the hinge, and there were issues with the protective display layer, namely that some folks suspected it was a regular screen protector and removed it. Samsung has made some tweaks to the design, such as extending the protective layer above the bezel to deter people from taking it off and improving the hinge caps in a bid to prevent detritus from getting inside.

Unlocked Galaxy Fold handsets should still work on major US carriers’ networks. However, T-Mobile declining to sell the device will come as a blow to Samsung as well as perhaps T-Mobile customers who were planning to switch to the foldable phone. T-Mobile typically isn’t afraid to take chances on phones that break the mold a bit (such as OnePlus handsets), so for it to back out might be a bad sign for Samsung.

On the flip side, it makes sense that T-Mobile wants to error on the side of caution. With some of the issues they had before, it would be more of a hassle than the benefit would bring. Not to mention, how many people will be leery of the device after the re-launch. However, if you are daring and still want to try the new device, you can get it anywhere else because T-Mobile won’t sell Fold to anyone. Yet.

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