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The Lazy Geeks Podcast #301: Very Salty There

The guys conclude their 300th celebration with part two….

The Lazy Geeks Podcast Rewind: 2010 Lazy Geeks Awards

Join the guys on this rewind that gave out awards for things in 2010….

The Lazy Geeks Podcast Rewind: Best of 2010

We drop a rewind from our final episode of 2010. It seems many of the same stories we talked about then we are talking about now….

Lazy Geeks Rewind: A Very Lazy Christmas

Jump back in time and listen to our first – and only – Christmas podcast from back in 2010. …

Video Matt Smith’s Appearance At Doctor Who Proms 2010

Doctor Who Proms 2010   One of the things you miss by living in another country is just all the cool stuff they have for a series based across the pond. Doctor Who is an amazingly popular family show in the U.K. and is making its way across the U.S. One of the things that…

Happy Anniversary To The Lazy Geeks And A Thanks You!

As many of you have been following us for a while, this is the one-year anniversary month of The Lazy Geeks blog and podcast. We have went through many incarnations of the site and podcast before we found a style that (one) stays true to us and (two) fulfills the main objective that we started…