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The Lazy Geeks Podcast Rewind: Making Sense of Nonsense

We grabbed this one from the 2011 vault. Wow, it was such a better time….

Summer Rewind – The Lazy Geeks Podcast #5: Why Can’t I Quit You

The Lazy Geeks Summer Rewind begins with out fifth-ever podcast. Check out the news from back in 2010. Some things don’t change….

DVD Review: We Are Egypt

Steve reviews the new documentary, We Are Egypt, and explores the country leading up to the uprising in 2011….

Class Action Lawsuit Against PSN Suffers Major Set-Back

While the PlayStation Hack of 2011 is slowly beginning to fade into the tale of legend, it seems that some people are still trying to get something for nothing from lawsuits levied against Sony for the hack. Issues like this are silly to me; it is simply a way for people to gain money by…

Movie Review: The Muppets

I have been a fan of The Muppets since I was a kid and would spend my weekend watching The Muppet Show every week. Everyone, from my generation, would remember watching the Muppets, even into their cartoon variation of Muppet Babies. When I heard Jason Segel was writing a script with Nicolas Stoller to bring…

Sony Music Confirms Hacking of Michael Jackson Unreleased Music

Something can be said for Sony trying to keep the lid on some things, while they were dealing with the biggest ego and technological blow of their entire existence. In the early days of 2011, Sony suffered a breach when hackers got into their PlayStation Network and took it down for about a month. It…