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The Lazy Geeks Are Back

We are back!  As promised on our Wordpress blog, we are coming back with a self-hosted blog and new podcasts. After super fan, Amador, decided to make a good donation to bring us back, we are going into this having fun. The Lazy Geeks is going to be looking backward with some of the fun we had, but moving…

Our Final Post

After eight years and over 300 podcasts, it is time to say farewell. It’s been a good run….

The Lazy Geeks #325: The Doctor

We are saying goodbye with a previously unreleased episode talking about Doctor Who….

The Lazy Geeks Rewind: DTFF

On Monday, we released our latest and last rewind episode for January. And possibly ever….

The Extended Play Movie Podcast: The Hiatus

As hard times befell The Lazy Geeks, as it has now hit The Extended Play Movie Podcast….

It Is Finished

As we move into another year, it is important that we take stock in the previous year. So we know what to change….