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The Lazy Geeks Podcast #261: That Escalated Quickly

The Lazy Geeks Podcast discusses news this week: Rogue One coming to Netflix, Han Solo movie, Wonder Woman comic news, Note 8 announcement, Nintendo is straight screwing up and so much more. …

The Lazy Geeks Podcast #256: After 18 Years It’s Finally Free

This week, we discuss Starcraft is free, MCU to look different after Avengers 4, SNES Mini, Call of Duty going back to basics, review of Batman #21 and Google going with ad-blockers and so much more. …

The Lazy Geeks Podcast #247: So Say We All

We are back with two weeks’ worth of news! You’re welcome in advance….

The Lazy Geeks Podcast #233: Explosive Battery Edition

The guys are back with their exploding batteries edition of The Lazy Geeks Podcast….

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Will Need Infinite Warfare Always

Activision thought about those of you that wanted the Remastered and would sell back Infinite Warfare….

Blizzard Shows Off Opening Cinematic of the Next World of Warcraft Expansion

World of Warcraft: Legion is coming next year and based on what we’ve seen so far it looks very interesting. In typical Blizzard fashion the video shown at BlizCon (above) is impressive and heavy on story. Alliance and Horde working together? Madness! A soft release date has been set for September 21, 2016, but the…