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Final Fantasy Soundtracks Coming to Apple Music and Spotify

Play these for people that think gaming music is shit….

The Lazy Geeks #222: America the Brand

Check out this week’s episode that focuses on the biggest news stories for the week of May 15th….

Apple Responds To Deleting iTunes Music

Apple acknowledges that some people had their iTunes library deleted and the news goes downhill after that….

Siri Blocks Answers For Non-Apple Music Users

At the beginning of October (or end of September for some day one adopters), free trials for Apple Music users were running out. As Apple has not released official numbers of people that have stopped using the service beyond the end of the initial free trial, we know that they are not pulling the same…

Apple Counters Claim That 61% Of Apple Music Users Turned Off Auto-Renewal

  Spin has always been a part of big companies. Spin is used to make a bad situation sound better and it’s their way to curtail the news to their advantage. Although, on Tuesday, Apple gave us a weird take on it. Even the Apple-exclusive 9to5Mac did not know quite how to take this spin….

Apple Music Drops Today

  In case you missed this over the weekend, Apple is launching their much touted Apple Music today. In case you have not updated your iOS device to their latest iOS 8.4, which was released today, you will need to download and install that update in order to experience their debut of Apple Music. According…