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Modern Warfare Is A Call of Duty Reboot

Getting back to basics is always a good place to go….

Treyarch Sidelines Sledgehammer with Black Ops 5

Looks like the internal strife has taken out one of the three CoD game developers. …

Call of Duty Boss Not Worried About No Single-Player Campaign

Seems they think you will still buy it without the single-player campaign….

The Lazy Geeks #260: 2017 E3 Recap Show

The Lazy Geeks Podcast returns with the recap of everything E3. The hits, the misses and they who asked for this. …

The Lazy Geeks #256: After 18 Years It’s Finally Free

This week, we discuss Starcraft is free, MCU to look different after Avengers 4, SNES Mini, Call of Duty going back to basics, review of Batman #21 and Google going with ad-blockers and so much more. …

The Lazy Geeks #247: So Say We All

We are back with two weeks’ worth of news! You’re welcome in advance….