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Swamp Thing Cancellation Is A Complete Surprise

That is the fastest cancellation on a streaming service. Ever….

DC Universe Comic Book Collection Available

A perk with signing up for their DC Universe service….

DC Universe Reveals Stargirl at WonderCon

First image of Stargirl is released….

DC Universe: Watch First Episode of Doom Patrol and Others Free

You can watch the first episodes of Doom Patrol, Titans, and Young Justice free….

DC Daily Will Brief You On All Things DC

Well, it’s about damn time we had something official….

Man of Steel To Start A Larger DC Movie Universe

The Man of Steel film is set to be one of the biggest movies of 2013 so it’s no surprise that people can’t stop talking about it. There have been tons of theories and speculations about what the movie is going to about or what we’ll see from the comic book in the film. Jeff…