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New Beverly Theater Announces December Line-Up

After renovating for nearly a year, their holiday line-up is kick ass….

Who Asked for a Die Hard Prequel?

I want this person’s ass kicked….

The Extended Play Movie Podcast #23: Die Hard

The guys ring in the holiday by discussing their favorite Christmas movie of them all: Die Hard….

The Lazy Geeks Podcast #241: Porn Stars Are People Too

We discuss some of the big news last week: R.L. Stine project revealed, Verizon to kill Note 7, Justice League 2 pushed back and Comcast decides to stop being dicks for once. …

Bruce Willis Getting Bored With Action Films

When Bruce Willis first came onto the scene in his first action movie, Die Hard, I always liked the fact that he never made it out of a situation unharmed. Jump ahead some 25 years later, the guy is still making action movies, but according to some overseas interviews Willis is less than thrilled about…

25th Anniversary Box Set For Die Hard Set For January Release

Nothing hits the “you’re old” button until you start seeing the movie you grew up on hitting their 25th anniversary collection. I still have recollections of seeing the original Die Hard in the Fallbrook Theater when I was in high school. It left such a huge impact on me then and it still ranks up…