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Chuck Wendig Fired By Marvel Over Twitter Remarks

Social media brings down another creative….

James Gunn Will Not Return To Disney

The meeting was solely a courtesy one……

Natalie Portman Over Jenkins’ ‘Firing’

When you listen to the press reports, you think the split between Patty Jenkins and Marvel was a nice amicable split. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it seems the split was more of a firing. In either case, Natalie Portman is pretty ticked off about it. She championed for Jenkins to get the job…

Is There A Right To Privacy In Social Media?

While this type of posting could be easily turned into an Apple bashing post, I refrain from doing this simply because there is a greater question that resides here: When is social media subject to personal privacy laws? Well, if you are a former retail clerk from a U.K. Apple Store it certainly doesn’t apply….