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Destiny 2 Is Going To Go Free-To-Play

Lots of games go through this, but we’re sure this wasn’t in their initial plan….

Fortnite Is On "Nearly Half" of the Nintendo Switch Devices

I haven’t seen this much hatred since those ‘Twilight’ fans attended Comic-Con….

Sony is Too Good For Everyone Else It Seems

Sony will allow cross platform play, but does that make them cool?…

The Lazy Geeks #312: Sony Is Better, Right?

For our first regular episode of The Lazy Geeks, the guys discuss Sony. Because of course they do….

Sony Allowing Fortnite Cross-Play Was Essential

There is a concept known as “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Good job, Sony….

Sony Doesn't Need Crossplay, They're The Best

Sony doesn’t need to allow crossplay. Why? Because, they think they are the best….