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The Lazy Geeks #262: Regulate

The Lazy Geeks Podcast discusses news this week: Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming, new games to EA Access, HBO coming to Hulu, DC drops price on Knights Metal and much more. …

The Lazy Geeks #247: So Say We All

We are back with two weeks’ worth of news! You’re welcome in advance….

Hearthstone Patch is About Bringing Balance

In a collectible card game the hardest thing for the creators and maintainers of said game to do is balance it out. Everything has to be carefully calculated to make sure not one tactic or play style has too big of an advantage and that every style is viable. For those that haven’t made the…

The Lazy Geeks #124: Beast Mode

Steve and Adam are back with another Lazy Geeks Podcast. Enjoy the beast mode….

Heathstone Beta Isn’t Far Off, But it Isn’t Going to be Soon

I have a love for card-based games that goes back to my younger years of Magic the Gathering glory. I love World of Warcraft so the combination of the two makes perfect sense for me. While I never got into the physical card game (its hard when no one around you plays the game) Hearthstone…