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Doctor Strange Get Joe Quesada 400th Variant

That cover is kinda slick….

Quesada Working On Daredevil #600 Variants

Joe Quesada is bringing the magic back in Daredevil #600….

‘Life of Captain Marvel’ Joe Quesada’s Variant

First glimpse at Joe Quesada’s variant for ‘Life of Captain Marvel’….

Joe Quesada Pens Open Letter Between Comics and Social Media

Social media and comics have a tense relationship. It isn’t even just comics. Anyone in entertainment, or the public eye, can have a frosty relationship with their followers. Just ask Rian Johnson after the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Comic creatives use Twitter to keep their fans up-to-date in regards of the issues…

Joe Quesada Reaffirms Peter Parker Will Still Be Spider-Man

There has been some major fervor on websites about the “necessity” to make Spider-Man amazing is to have a non-white actor, or drop in Miles Morales, into the series. There are several problems with that theory as the main one being that we have yet to have a truly amazing Spider-Man movie. All those bandwagoners…

Joe Quesada To Guest On Age Of Ultron #10

Okay, so we just got the debut issue of The Age of Ultron as Marvel’s new event. Now, we are already finding out who is making a guest-artist spot in the final issue. While we have nine issues to wait for that title, it seems that Marvel already wants to hype the finale. Slated to…