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Jim Lee Teases Detective Comics #100 Artwork

Jim Lee teases unfinished artwork from Detective Comics’ 1000th issue….

Mark Millar Reveals Kevin Smith’s Return of Hit-Girl

Hit-Girl going to take on sexual predators in Hollywood….

The Lazy Geeks #248: All Those Data Plans

We are discussing unlimited data plans, Mel Gibson, Jar Jar Binks, the many DC crossovers and more….

The Lazy Geeks #247: So Say We All

We are back with two weeks’ worth of news! You’re welcome in advance….

Kevin Smith Teases Clerks 3 Script

If you are an avid SmodCast listener, like I am, you will know that Kevin Smith has been talking about doing a Clerks III movie for some time. From all indications, he had a lot of ideas and there may had been a script written, but it seems that wasn’t the case. Smith had spent…

What’s On Netflix: Kevin Smith–Burn In Hell Review

I have been a Kevin Smith fan for a long time. His original New Jersey trilogy and have recently became a big fan of his Smodcast Empire that he is forging in the podcasting world. I have been a huge fan of his public appearances since I have found him to be an excellent storyteller…