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The Lazy Geeks Podcast #304: E3 2018

The guys sit back and review this year’s E3….

Kingdom Hearts 3’s Deluxe Edition is Amazing

It’s pricey, but it might be a must-have….

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The Lazy Geeks Podcast #203: 100% Discreet

Their second to last Lazy Geeks Podcast before the summer break, in which, they discuss the biggest news of the past week that includes the whole Ashley Madison thing….

Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage Will Be Shown at Disney D23 Japan

At this year’s Disney D23 Expo in the states some were let down that we didn’t see any footage of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game. Sure, we learned the game will feature a world based on Big Hero 6 however it would have been nice to see something from the heavily anticipated game. Well…

The Lazy Geeks Podcast #202: That Heat Tho

The guys are back with the biggest news of the past week in movies/TV, gaming, technology, and comics. They have some of the latest news of D23 and more. Check it out. …