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BBC America Announces 13 Days of Doctor Who

Need a refresher course on Doctor Who before the new season drops? BBC America has you covered….

AMC’s Avengers: Infinity War Marathon Is Not For The Weak

This will give Star Wars marathoners a run for their money….

AMC To Run The Walking Dead Marathon

By this particular point, you have either watched The Walking Dead or you have not. You may have caught up on the series on Netflix or just bought the seasons after they are released to binge. Maybe you don’t have Netflix or maybe you don’t have the internet, because if you don’t have the internet,…

The Lazy Geeks Podcast #220: You Just Don’t Get It

Our weekly news show that focuses on the coolest news stories of the past week for May 1, 2016….

X-Files Marathon Promo Shows first Footage of the Revival for the first Time

The new X-Files show is on its way sooner than you think and to mark the occasion Fox is re-airing the original series so those that don’t know will know, the truth is out there. The promo for said marathon (above) shows us the first footage from the revival as well. It’s only a few…

The Hobbit Pre-Order Tickets Go On Sale This Week

As we finally get to the final month-and-a-half til the debit of Peter Jackson’s prequel, The Hobbit, we won’t have to wait that long to get tickets for the film. Deadline is reporting that tickets for the expected epic event will begin this week, so people that have been waiting for years to get tickets…