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Mark Hamill Still Complaining About His Character

How can fans get over it when he can’t….

The Lazy Geeks #218: The LA Effect

The guys are back with the coolest news stories from the week of April 16th in movies, tech, comics, gaming and television….

The Lazy Geeks #214: The Non-Committal Committal

Check out the biggest news of the past week for May 20, 2016….

Mark Hamill as the Trickster in Recent Flash Trailer

Apart from this trailer getting you pumped up for The Flash’s return on March 17th, it’s also a bit of an homage to the original Flash television series. Mark Hamill, who played The Trickster in the 1990 Flash series on CBS, is up to his old tricks again (I couldn’t help it.) Hamill’s Trickster is…

As Dust Settles, More News On The Star Wars Front Begins To Materialize

As many people are still swallowing the news about George Lucas selling LucasFilms to Disney, there have been people from both sides of the argument. Some say Lucas was this independent artist that sold out, but to be honest he hasn’t been truly independent for a long while. Nevertheless, people are still focusing on the…

Mark Hamill Does the Joker’s Voice for Latest DC Universe Expansion

DC Universe is a hot ticket these days and any time there is a new DLC coming out for it its pretty good news. When the DLC features The Joker, one of the biggest DC villains of all time it’s even bigger. To add to that already exciting news, Mark Hamill will be doing the…