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Chernobyl Series Coming From Russians

However, their version of the story is going to differ from the HBO version….

Lucasfilm Not Shutting Down Standalone Movies

We told you to take it with a grain of salt….

Captain Marvel Begins Production With Some Old Faces

We are so excited about this news!…

iPhone X Production Cut In Half

When Apple announced the iPhone X, to commemorate its tenth anniversary, the public went wild. Online speculation was expecting the phone to sell galactic proportions. Even social media was talking about how amazing it was going to be. Unfortunately, it seems that sales didn’t meet expectation for the $1,000 iPhone. So much so that Apple…

The Lazy Geeks #252: Another Round of Indignities

This week the guys discuss #Nintendo #Switch and #PS3 production, #Batman and #Venom news and why famous people go nuts. …

The Lazy Geeks #215: Sorry Fanboys

Check out the coolest news stories of the past week when Steven and Adam break it down for you….