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The Lazy Geeks #339: Swear To Me

You could say it was better late than never. But, it’s about Batman….

The Batman Officially Has Its Bruce Wayne

It appears that we have our new Batman, so the internet can go crazy again. But, let’s put it in perspective….

Robert Pattinson In Negotiations for Batman

It’s not a done deal yet, so the internet needs to calm down a bit….

Sparkles and Fur, Or How I Kicked Off My Comic Con 2011

Allyson Camp is a Lazy Geeks Contributor ***DISCLAIMER: The following article should in no way influence your opinion of this website, or force you to devalue the geek cred therein. Additionally, my subject matter approval from Steve and/or Adam is pending. Thank you *** As the only female member of The Lazy Geeks, the honor…

Pattinson: End of Breaking Dawn Shoot Was ‘Anticlimactic’

All you Twilight freaks will be shedding a tear, production has wrapped on the final two installments of Breaking Dawn. The eight month shoot has finally wrapped and according to Robert Pattinson it was a bit “anticlimactic”. While doing an interview with Live with Regis and Kelly, Pattinson stated, “It was a very long shoot,…

Breaking Dawn Update

Now, bear this in mind, I am only reporting this because ONE: it’s a slow news morning and TWO: because we have some female fans that actually give a shit about this. I say females, because if you’re a guy that likes this: we have revoked your man card. In any case: Robert Pattinson and…