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Spider-Man 3 Has The Clickbait Machine Working Hard

Anyone else remember the last time Venom was in a Spider-Man 3 movie?…

Rumor: Disc-Less Xbox One Coming in May

As when we spoke about this story in November 2018, it seems that the rumor of the disc-less Xbox One S has resurfaced. Windows Central is claiming that a few sources have verified that we should be expecting the pre-order of the console somewhere in Q1 2019. According to the piece, Microsoft is set to…

Rumor: Microsoft Plans New Webcams

They did have the Kinect, but Microsoft is looking to make a come back with self-branded webcams….

Rumor: Microsoft Offering Disc-Less Xbox One

This is a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt….

Rumor: YouTube App May Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

This is a rumor, but a rumor worth listening to….

Rumor: Matt Reeves May Not Need Affleck for The Batman

The guy hasn’t finished the script yet….