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Chernobyl Series Coming From Russians

However, their version of the story is going to differ from the HBO version….

Facebook Deletes Over 600 Accounts Linked to Iran and Russia

As we said this morning, this is a serious issue….

The Lazy Geeks #277: I’m A Alpha Pussy

The guys talk about the hype between Facebook and Russia as well as big news stories of the past week….

Russia Working On Their Own Internet Censorship Bill

It seems that everywhere you turn someone is trying to stop freedom of expression on the internet. Now, before I start waving the stars and stripes, I need to remind people that we faced that similar dilemma here earlier this year, but it seems to be much less of a surprise that it is happening…

Steam Throws the Russians a Bone

I’m talking actual Russians by the way, not the bad guys you see in countless video games. They’re not that bad you know. Anyways, Valve recently started accepting the Ruble to make it a little easier on Russian gamers to buy things on their Steam account. The unfortunate thing is most people in Russia don’t…

Captain America Title Will Remain Mostly Intact

Earlier this year, we reported that Captain America: The First Avenger will most likely get a name change when it goes global later this month. It appears that is only partially true. Marvel has decided to keep the name sake in all but three countries: Russia, Ukraine, and South Korea. The reason for the decision…