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Final Fantasy Soundtracks Coming to Apple Music and Spotify

Play these for people that think gaming music is shit….

Hans Zimmer to Score Wonder Woman 1984

It seems he just didn’t want to work with Snyder anymore….

Ender’s Game Film Has Music Composer

It’s always nice to see a movie get some talent behind its score. Many don’t even thing about it but the music a film uses truly sets the tone for a scene. When the music isn’t right, it can ruin the visuals no matter how good they are. Oscar winner James Horner, famed for his…

Video: Man of Steel Trailer With John Williams Score

One of the beautiful things about the internet is its ability to give us alternate versions of things. If a trailer for a movie comes out, and it isn’t all that well received, someone will come along and make a version that will please more people that the original content provider did. Once word came…

Play to WIN…..sort of

There are very few records that don’t impress me. It’s amazing what some people will do just to be know that they did it. Sometimes people accomplish rare feats for their own personal benefit, to know that they can do it. This is one of those times. YouTube member NotEntirelySure beat the NES classic Super Mario…