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Swamp Thing Cancellation Is A Complete Surprise

That is the fastest cancellation on a streaming service. Ever….

Review: Cobra Kai

It’s not karate. It’s Cobra Kai….

CBS Debuts Supergirl Season One Trailer

CBS dropped a season one trailer for Supergirl. What do you think of it?…

The Flash: Fast Enough Review

We take a look at the emotional season finale of The Flash and get the biggest payoff to the show’s first season….

Classic Trek Movies Not To Contain Director Cuts; Enterprise Coming To Blu-ray

Recently there was some buzz that when Paramount announced they would be re-releasing the original Star Trek films on Blu-ray this year, some sites believed it would be with better transfers and possibly even some Director Cuts included. Unfortantely, that wasn’t the case at all. Insert groan here. The Digital Bits manages to find out…

Marvel Announces Wolverine, Thor and Iron Man Season One Graphic Novels

Earlier this year, Marvel released some impressive one-shot graphic novels that retold the origins of some of their most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe such as Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Avengers, The X-Men, Daredevil and a slew of others. However, if you thought that was only for 2012, you would be mistaken. During the…