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Vudu To Offer Free Original Content

At least this one is different from all the other ones. It’s free….

Walmart Offering PlayStation Classic for $40

If $100 had you rolling your eyes, what would you say about $40?…

12-Part Superman Story Coming From Tom King

We will have to see how good he is writing a Superman story….

The Lazy Geeks #265: Marvel vs DC – Who Cares

The Lazy Geeks Podcast discusses news this week: Adobe kills Flash, Justice League reshoots, Cameron may reboot Terminator, Walmart cancels SNES pre-orders and real talk about DC vs Marvel….

The Lazy Geeks #204: Dat Vacation Time Tho

The guys are back with their season finale of the Lazy Geeks Podcast. They discuss everything from George Miller in the DC Cinematic Universe through finding a job with Google through your search engine. Enjoy their season finale and tears are acceptable. …

Walmart To Offer $45 iPhone 5C

Okay, now this is getting a bit ridiculous. A day after Best Buy announced their promotion for a half of iPhone 5C, they have gotten outdone by a retailer that everyone loves to hate. It seems that retailers ate trying to completely turn everyone into an iPhone user and I am not completely sure why….