Taking a Break, for a Bit

Some of you may recall from the opening of The Lazy Geeks Tribute; Comic-Con 2011 that I said new episodes would follow. As you can tell, that didn’t happen. The initial thought, on my end, is that when Adam arrived in Los Angeles for his two-week stint, we would record a bunch of episodes. Have to admit, my heart wasn’t in it. With that being said, we are taking a break for a bit.

Now, we didn’t record any episodes and think they were shit. No new content was recorded. Adam was sympathetic to my mindset and said, “when you’re ready”. To be honest, I didn’t expect anything less from Adam. I mean, my brother had just passed about two-and-a-half weeks ago.

Taking a break for a bit. But not forever.

I know my brother would want me to continue this eleven-year journey. There are still plans for those two new shows that will no longer debut in July. Maybe August. Or maybe on our anniversary month. Which is October. There doesn’t seem to be as much of a rush anymore.

To be completely honest, I haven’t had any real time to deal with this. The week between my brother’s hospitalization and passing, I was going to the hospital. My sister came down. I had to make some very difficult decisions.

Then the week he passed, I had to straighten things with his funeral and get my place together for Adam’s arrival. The last two weeks, I haven’t had any real solitude moments to deal with anything. Distraction is good but with his service coming up at the end of June, I need to deal with it. Hence, why we’re taking a break for a bit.

I need to create a new sense of normal. Not just for myself, but my pets. They lost their daddy. A new routine must be set for them. As well as myself. Don’t get me wrong, I truly miss my brother. Every time I see something new, I always find myself saying “Hey John, they did this.”

Until I’m able to reconcile his passing, my feelings, and deal with my new reality – I can’t focus on the shows for a bit. Currently, we are taking time off until July. At some point. Taking a break is always sketchy when doing online content. But, sometimes, you have to do what’s important to you. I will upload all the passed episodes to the blog.

As for new stuff, we will see in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned…