Telegram Premium Has Arrived Which No One Asked For

The growing notion for free social media companies to expand their revenue stream, Telegram Premium service has arrived. The service no one asked for will cost you $5 a month. It does offer a slew of new features. The upside is no current features were thrown behind a paywall. The most notable is the faster download speed and larger max file upload size went from 2GB to 4GB.

Premium subscribers will also get double the limits imposed on standard users. Instead of joining up to 500 channels, subscribers are capped at 1,000 channels. The same goes for other features on Telegram: subscribers can create 20 chat folders with 200 chats each, save up to 10 stickers, pin up to 10 chats, and add a total of four accounts to Telegram instead of three. Premium users also get to have longer bios with a link.

That gets you turned on more when you think about it, doesn’t it? But wait, there’s more.

Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium offers bells and whistles.

Some other perks include access to a library of Premium stickers with more obnoxious full-screen animations. Some exclusive emoji reactions. As well as animated profile pictures (sort of like the ones you see on Steam). There’s also text conversion for voice messages in case you don’t have headphones handy. That’s in addition to chat management tools that allow you to change your default chat folder. Oh, and subscribing to Premium removes sponsored messages in public channels.

Some of you are probably wondering why companies are doing this. Like Apple, ad revenue has been falling for the last few years. In order to continue making revenue growth for their shareholders, companies need to become services. Meaning offering services. Why do you think Apple is pouring into Apple Music, Apple TV, Games, and even Fitness? That gives the company a consistent revenue stream. Eventually, people will catch on and they will become another Netflix.

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