Growing up in the 70’s was a strange time.

Things seemed simpler back then. Not as partisan as it is now. This faux outrage wasn’t a thing. Kids went outside to do something fun. Crazy people weren’t running the streets like they are today. Things were better.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

It is easy to look back at your childhood and think things were easier. Well, they were. They were easier because you weren’t doing anything. You were a kid. We didn’t have jobs. You didn’t have bills. There was no responsibility expected from you. Well, maybe for the random chore that we hated to do. Not surprisingly, that has stuck with us into adulthood.

See, I was born in the early seventies but my memories began with the release of Star Wars in 1977. Now, much of my memories stem from the late seventies into the early eighties. Yeah, I remember waiting days for Christmas. That feeling that those presents couldn’t come fast enough. Why? Because we didn’t have to work for the money. Didn’t have jobs that barely gave us the holiday off. Christmas sucks as an adult because now we have to put the work into it. No one likes seeing how sausage is made.

Although, the 70’s are the most confused generation.

We grew up in an old fashioned way of doing things. The last generation of kids that came home with the street lights. Dealing with only a handful of television stations and even less radio stations. The primitive design of the Atari, Pong, or Intellivision. Where kids were forced to respect and even fear some adults.

Man, have times changed.

The kind of power that children wield now is remarkable. I’m not talking about those issues when someone does something against a child. We are talking about calling 911 because your phone was taking away for bad grades. Angry white kids that believe killing their parents is an actual solution. No respect for teachers when they force teachers to quit because they accuse their child of being a bit of a shit. Don’t get me started on recording every fucking thing.

Why is this happening? Because we – at one time – said we will not raise our children like our parents raised us.

This is true. If you thought your parents were too rough on you, then the mission was to give them what YOUR parents never gave you. That poses a problem for growing up in the 70’s. They didn’t have enough freedom to define themselves, they will have uncontrolled freedom. My parents never believed me, I will believe everything my child tells me. I didn’t get anything I wanted as a kid, so they will give them everything I never got.

We have all heard about the sports, acting, music parent that is living their life vicariously through their children. Does what I said in the previous paragraph sound at all familiar? That would mean that we, as individuals, were fucked up that we are going to swing 180 degrees to make our kids feel the love we “feel” we never got.

Is that really the angle we should be going for? I mean, I have heard from kids that have said, “My parents don’t give a fuck about me. I can do whatever I want and they don’t care.” Yet, when we try to pull the brakes, they become adversarial. “My parents just buy my love. Whenever I’m sad, they just buy me shit.”

Yes, there are things I swore to never deal with when I was older. My parents used to buy the cheapest soda. I only buy name-brands now. Roman meal was the bread of choice because it was cheap. Not that way anymore. However, after being without them for twenty some years, I don’t mind many of those things. I would love to just have them back for an evening. Just to talk. Catch up. I know they only did the best they could.

Growing up in the 70’s was a strange time.

Comparing to raising a family, or simply living in the 21st century, this new age is nuts. I mean – show of hands – how many of us are glad YouTube wasn’t around back then?

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