The Away Team #47: Manhunt

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On this Black Friday, many of you are probably getting ready to head out to those stores, or maybe taking a break. While those stores can be loud and crazy, The Away Team hopes we can bring you some normalcy. This week’s edition focuses on how a Betazoid woman gets when she is horny AF. Troi’s mother makes a return to the Enterprise and has her eyes set on Picard. More likely, Picard’s D.

Manhunt could have benefited from an “A-B” storyline. Unfortunately, there is only an “A” storyline here. As Picard is trying to make himself unavailable while the Predator is hunting for him, they try a weak Dixon Hill story which goes nowhere rather quickly.

The episode has some fun moments and Riker manages to smile a lot in this episode. It is interesting to see how people in the 24th century handle sex. As uptight as society is now, trying to be a progressive show in the eighties makes it more hilarious than anything else. So, enjoy your holiday weekend with our Away Team episode. Remember, a rewind of The Lazy Geeks Podcast will drop on Monday for you.


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Music: Star Trek (dubstep) – AH Da Time


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