The Away Team #48: The Emissary

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“The Emissary” introduces one of the best characters to be introduced in the early years. Much to The Away Team disappointment, she only remains for three episodes, and no one is ever sure why. Worf just needs to be a tragic character after all. Yet, this episode will eventually introduce the worst character that plagues the series.  Some Klingons are in cryogenic sleep and are about to wake up. They have been asleep so long that they don’t know the war is over.

The Federation sends a emissary on a covert mission that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Their two decisions don’t mesh well with Picard. Not to mention, there is kind of two stories in this episode but it is a loose second story. Check it out. We only have two more episodes in the worst two seasons of the series.



Music: Star Trek (dubstep) – AH Da Time


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