The Away Team: Canamar (ENT S2, E17)

We are back! Yes, it has been a long road, but we have finally made the return trip. The Away Team kicks off its return with “Canamar”. An episode in a series that gets someone in the crew in trouble, but we don’t know how they got there.

In this episode, Archer and Trip find themselves on a prisoner ship being sent to a penal colony. They don’t know what they did wrong or where they’re going. Since no one knows who the hell Starfleet is, they say they’re pirates. Mostly because the transport is highjacked and they don’t want to die.

The episode, in no way, explains what happened and how they ended up in the situation. That isn’t to say it just happened, but it loomed large with me. Adam, not so much. Watching the past season and a half, we know one thing for sure – it was Trip’s fault.

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It has been two months since our last episode. It was really to give me time to see if I wanted to continue this. I know, I picked up my solo shows but that was a test. After my brother’s passing, I felt lost and unmotivated. Those tests were designed to see if I still had a passion to continue with these shows. The answer is pretty obvious.



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“Canamar” – Memory Alpha

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you for those of you that donated to my brother’s GoFundMe. The support from listeners was completely surprising and grateful. We are recording these episodes two weeks in advance. Currently, we are nearing the end of the second season, which will lead us to the Expanse.

We hope you enjoy this week’s return episode of The Away Team: Canamar. We will see you next week.

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Listen to our Latest Episode

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