The Away Team: Cease Fire (ENT S2, E15)

We know Archer hates doing the ambassador part of his job. However, being the first of the human race to go out into deep space, you kinda need to do that. You can’t just show up to a raging party, but dip when trouble arises. The Away Team: Cease Fire is one such story. Yes, Archer hates being a diplomat, especially when it comes to Vulcan situations.

Although, he kind of puffs out his chest a bit when he’s requested by the Andorians to resolve a centuries old dispute with the Vulcans. Shram doesn’t trust the Vulcans. Actually, Shram doesn’t trust much of anyone. There is one person he trusts to handle a Vulcan dispute – it’s Archer. After all, he did uncover that listening post on P’Jem.

Now, there are a couple of reasons Shram asked for Archer. He knows that Archer is on the level. Finding out the truth about P’Jem gave Shram’s accusations credence. Turned it from a conspiracy theory to fact. Also, it would piss off the Vulcans and may even be a bit painful.

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“Cease Fire” turns into a traditional story of wanting peace and not. Tarah believes that the conflict can only be won by violence. However, Shram sees this playing out as it always has. We attack and win. They come back and starts all over again. Shram doesn’t want to deal with a delegate. He wants the big guy, Soval. That would indicate the Vulcans want to actually end this war.


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“Cease Fire” – (Memory Alpha)

One thing the episode does manage to due well, it show signs of the Federation. As Vulcans and Andorians are founding members, you need to straighten their situation out. If you see the advantages, then you can get behind a bigger idea. Which isn’t even an idea at this moment. By the way, Jonathan Archer for President 2024.