Code of Honor

Unfortunately, we must deal with another Tasha Yar episode. What is even worse is that it is a Tash Yar centric episode. “Code of Honor” is widely regarded as a racist episode. “Piece of shit” is what some of the cast members consider it. The episode is something out of the 1940s, which does a progressive show like Star Trek no favors.

The episode focuses on the Enterprise having to travel to Ligon II, which is home to a vaccine that Starfleet is in need of. Of course, it is the only place that has the vaccine. I won’t bore you with all the details (you need to listen to the episode), but the Ligonian leader, Lutan becomes infatuated with Tasha.

This immediately turns into a television version of Jungle Fever. The episode itself falls into the tropes of a black and white issue. Lutan holds Tasha hostage in exchange for the vaccine. Hilarity ensues. I wish that was the case, but it definitely isn’t.

Code of Honor is not liked by us.

We are definitely not a fan of the episode. Not strictly for the fact that it centers on Tasha, but it is horrible. Tracy Tormé was embarrassed by what he called a “1940s tribal Africa” view of Africans in this episode. Tormé commented, “That episode was offensive. It was like Amos ‘n’ Andy in the way African Americans were depicted.”

The episode is well placed in the season. Since it is fourth in the first season, it makes it easier to get through it quickly without the dread of waiting for it to come. In the intervening years, I think this is the work episode of Trek. My original selection was the clip episode at the end of season two.

I guess you can say I evolved. Enjoy this episode of The Away Team: Code of Honor. Just know there is no honor in this episode.

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