The Away Team: Dawn (ENT S2, E13)

Star Trek has been known for a lot of things. Chief among them is recycling their own stories from other installments. We’ve seen in several time this season, recently with “The Communicator” but with a darker twist. In this week’s episode, they straight up copied another movie. While Star Trek fans will point to a dumb down version of “Darmok” from TNG, they are missing another classic sci-fi completely. Enemy Mind. That is where “Dawn” rises.

A classic sci-fi movie from the mid-eighties, the plot was what we see in this movie. Almost down to the reptilian enemy. Obviously, they put a more Star Trek ending to it, but it’s still the same plot. Again, Enterprise leaves someone alone in a Shuttlepod to do something. In this case, it’s a survey mission of a gas giant. Apparently, it’s beneath the Enterprise to use the entire ship for the mission.

What was so important that the Enterprise couldn’t do the mission itself? No one knows. It a similar plot set up they used in “Shuttlepod One.” Not to mention, we are halfway through the second season, they should know better than to leave Trip alone anywhere.

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The episode is entertaining as it puts Trip in a situation that doesn’t lead to sex. One thing that is still the same if that when someone doesn’t know your language, shouting makes it easier to understand. Nice that hasn’t gone away in the future.

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“Dawn” – (Memory Alpha)

This will be the last episode in a five episode run that will feature meh episodes. Of this last batch, “Vanishing Point” seemed to be the most interesting of the last five. Some were typical sci-fi tropes, blatant cliché episodes, and some that didn’t know what they wanted to be.

However, “Dawn” is not as bad as some might suggest. Many Trek fans are so narrow minded that they only focus on a poor man’s “Darmok”. But, they should see it for what it is, a Trek version of Enemy Mind. Which is a better movie. Next week, we get into some deeper, allegorical concepts in “Stigma”. That will be a good episode.