Encounter at Farpoint

As announced last week, The Away Team will continue with previously unreleased episodes of the series. Just as in our discussion of Star Trek Discovery’s first season, we have two full seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation that you haven’t heard. Of course, the series kicked off with “Encounter at Farpoint”.

Some backstory about these episodes. Back in 2015, Adam wanted to do a recap series about TNG. It was due to his childhood being framed around this incarnation of the series. Much like mine was framed by reruns of The Original Series. It was originally designed to be a monthly series, which was slated to be our free week from hosting The Lazy Geeks.

The series ran between 2015 to 2018. Due to low numbers, it was decided that the show should be paused, with a slight hope of doing it again. We made it through the first two seasons of TNG with some special episodes thrown in. However, during the pandemic, we opted to revive it given we didn’t have much we could do anyway.

Encounter at Farpoint isn’t the greatest premiere

The premiere episode of this incarnation of the franchise since the sixties, it was not all that hot. Some behind-the-scenes was originally a one-hour episode that would have focused on the Farpoint station. Later on, Paramount wanted a two-hour episode, so the Q storyline was shoved in, and you can plainly see it.

No one is complaining. Q, played by John De Lancie, is considered one of the greatest Star Trek characters in all of fandom. Most recently seen in the “series finale” of Picard. You can never keep an old Q down.

Many of our recap episodes are longer than the episode itself. We get lost in tangents. Create subplots that never existed. And in a later episode, take a simple admiration storyline and turn it into an afterschool special about predators.

Enjoy the re-release of The Away Team: Encounter at Farpoint. Make it so.

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