The Away Team: Enterprise Season 3 Review

As the end of the season has arrived, we take a look back and review. Discuss the best and not-so-good episodes of the third season. “Enterprise Season 3 Review” is our breather before we embark on the next season of the series. Which is the final one for that series. It comes to an end in May of 2005. It won’t be until 17 years later before we get a new series with the Enterprise.

While many people complain about the series as a whole, it wasn’t as bad as I remember. Yes, they could’ve done away with the season long story. Much of which was filler. Take the Xindi element out of it and it would’ve been a normal episode.

The series itself was a bit uneven. Upon looking back, there were more solid episodes that negative ones. Much of our views on the episode dealt with shitty sub-plots or wtf reveals. Like T’Pol becoming a drug addict. Out of nowhere. Archer making a drastic change out of character, with no lead up. Not to mention making a clone of Trip to push a romantic storyline.

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Review of Season 3

There is a good solid thirty minutes on the season premiere of The Orville: New Horizons and “Spock Amok”. This will most likely be an unpopular opinion (based on social media), weren’t too impressed with The Orville. A Meandering piece that should’ve been left for later in the season. “Spock Amok” has to be one of my favorite fun episodes in all of Trek.

Enjoy The Away Team: Enterprise Season 3 Review. We will see you next time with the season opener of season four. We will, also, review the next episode of The Orville and Strange New Worlds.

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