The Away Team: First Flight (ENT S2, E24)

Many people complain that television seasons for Star Trek are too short. 13 episodes (or so) doesn’t give them the ability for singular, self-contained episodes. However, some of the weakest episodes in Trek came from having 26 episodes in a season. All series suffered from this. First Flight was definitely one of those episodes. This season could’ve used a fewer number of episodes.

The Away Team focuses on the closing episodes of season two. “First Flight” was definitely a filler episode. It did nothing to push the series forward, nor does it impact the series in anyway. With LeVar Burton directing, and Keith Carradine guest-starring, it did nothing for the point of the episode.

All the episode did was allow the show to give a majority of its cast a week off. As well as giving Archer a backstory that no one really thought about. Oh, and we saw how Trip and Archer met. And how he got the nickname “Trip”. Fortunately, we know he didn’t name himself. That would’ve been sad.

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Knowing how the future turned out, the peril of the episode was lost. Obviously, they broke the warp two barrier. Archer became captain of the Enterprise and A.G. lived long enough to see Archer venture out into space.

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This episode gave us nothing really of value. You could’ve missed this episode, and it wouldn’t have impacted your viewing one bit. It did kind of suck to know that A.G. didn’t die on some grand adventure. He died on an accident while hiking. That completely sucks.

Next week’s episode is a more engaging episode. The second to last episode of the season. Again, it has to deal with Archer and the Klingons. They don’t give it. Hope you enjoy this episode of The Away Team and we will see you back here next week.