The Away Team: Future Tense (ENT S2, E16)

It has been a rough week. We discuss it in great detail on The Truly Pointless Podcast, but my brother has been in the hospital. Shortly after recording last week’s episode, my brother was rushed to the hospital after becoming non-responsive. The Away Team: Future Tense does continue as planned. It was done to keep my mind off the situation going on with my brother.

The breakdown of what’s going on with my brother is that he has a brain tumor. The situation is so dire that he isn’t expected to live without a lot of trips to the hospital. He wouldn’t be able to probably ever come home or breath on his own. So, my sister and I had to make a difficult decision. We took him off the ventilator to give him some dignity. Now, it’s up to him.

Some may be wondering why I did this episode at all. I needed the distraction. Going from thinking my brother will be in the hospital for a couple of days to never coming home ever – is a lot to deal with. This was the only diversion that I had were I could escape for an hour.  

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“Future Tense” is a mysterious and action episode. Another installment of the temporal cold war. Another round of T’Pol finding time travel illogical. Vulcans are the model for the science/anti-vaxxers/mask deniers. Think about it.



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“Future Tense” – (Memory Alpha)

Sadly, after the recording of this episode, I got the call I dreaded. Around 1:20 am, I received the call that my brother had passed away. I managed to visit him earlier on Sunday. There was a strange sense of peace. I told him I would visit him on Monday (if he heard me). But, I told him if he wanted to leave, I wouldn’t be mad. Just reiterated that I loved him and that I would miss him. But, I would be okay.

This episode is dedicated to him.

A true Star Trek fan.