The Away Team: Horizon (ENT S2, E20)

If there is one good thing to say about this episode of The Away Team, then it’s a Mayweather story. The negative thing to say about this episode, is that it was a forgettable one. “Horizon” starts off wandering around for a bit. It’s a typical story that is usually used in people-of-color storylines. Someone tries to better themselves, when they return home – there are some people that look down on you. Because you think you’re better than they are. Home wasn’t good enough. That is what this episode is about.

Mayweather has been a random character, not utilized enough. Seems like he was used just to say that a person of color was on the cast. Which is bizarre that other African American actors in previous series had so much more to do than Mayweather. Sisko, Jake, Tuvok, and Geordi. I mean, Uhura had more to do that Mayweather, and that was in the sixties.

Not even the B-storyline was any better. It was a fluff piece, which was insulting because the main storyline wasn’t any better. The stakes weren’t high enough. Which is something that has plagued the entire series to this point. “Horizon” could have been powerful episode, but it seemed the write didn’t have an idea on how to use Mayweather.

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It is unfortunate. Mayweather could have been a stronger character that grew throughout the series. The writers must have felt stuck given that they had that with Hoshi. Not to mention, Mayweather didn’t have any defining characteristics about him. You could have replaced him with any actor, and nothing would’ve been missed.

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“Horizon” is an episode that could be skipped, and you wouldn’t have missed a thing. It was meant to be a family story about Mayweather. How he left his family to join Starfleet, follow a different path. The writers even made that story boring. Fortunately, we watched the episode, so you didn’t have to. See you next week with a better one. We promise.