Lonely Among Us

Now we’ve arrived at a bottle episode. “Bottle episodes” are generally cost-cutting moves to bring down the budget. Normally, shows spend too much money on some episodes, so they need to bring it down. While many would consider last week’s a bottle episode, they spent a lot on visual effects. You will be able to see it in your viewing of “Lonely Among Us”.

The episode throws out two ideas at the audience and fails to bring it to a close in both cases. First, the Enterprise is assigned to bring two waring species, the Selay and the Anticans, to a neutral planet as they applied for membership into the Federation. The problem is they are still mortal enemies. Seems like someone at Starfleet kind of fucked up on this one.

Who would assign one ship to bring a waring species to one location? Were they low on ships that day? It proves to be a silly storyline and kind of offensive. Both species behave in a barbarous and tribal manner, this forces the question is what gets you a seat at the table to join the Federation? There are some questions.

Lonely Among Us is not a great episode

The second storyline revolves around an energy species that gets nabbed by the Enterprise and starts infecting the crew. Which eventually leads to Picard becoming the host and taking over the Enterprise. One of the silliest parts is that no one in the show sees the blue electricity transfer from the computer to a person.

Two of them happen in front of Geordi, who can’t see an energy transfer like that. Not only that, but when it transfers to Picard. How bad is everyone’s eyesight on that ship. Again, it leaves us with a lot more questions.

Enjoy this week’s episode of The Away Team: Lonely Among Us. This episode is definitely a filler.

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