The Away Team: Precious Cargo (ENT S2, E11)

Yes, we know we are posting this only to the blog late. The episode was released on time through the podcast apps. This week’s The Away Team revolves around “Precious Cargo”, which is another episode of Trip getting into some trouble over a woman.

Now, to be fair, he isn’t getting pregnant again or losing his mind over one. This time, he’s trying to be a good neighbor because galactic State Farm isn’t in their area. So, out of the goodness of Archer’s heart, he has trip go over to their ship and repair a status pod that is malfunctioning. Once he arrives, hilarity ensues. Except without the hilarity.

If you Google searched this episode, you will find it as poorly received. That would be an understatement.

Precious Cargo

“’Precious Cargo’ is nothing,” a random blog states. “Zero. Zilch. A test pattern. An empty vessel. A hollow corpse. A lifeless mass. A limp body. A vapid hour. A lamentable experience. A lousy outing. A table scrap. A scrap without meat. A piece of garbage. A test of viewer endurance. Television detritus. Hoary insipidity. A road to nowhere. A road from nowhere. Utter crap. Astounding banality. Awful dreck. A dismal failure. An abomination. A self-parody. A bad self-parody. An insult to the intellect. A slap to the face.”

Episode Trailer:

I wouldn’t go that far to explain the episode. The fact that Star Trek has some terrible episodes among its franchise run, this isn’t the pinnacle of bad Trek. “Precious Cargo” is a cliché. The entire episode is a cliché. Padma Lakshmi, who plays Kaitaama, is definitely better in status like Trip says. Why? Because she is a terrible actress in this episode. Have not seen any of her other work to say if she’s bad entirely.

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Star Trek: Picard Started Out as a One-Scene Trek Short

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“Precious Cargo” – (Memory Alpha)

Aka “Fucking Trip”

The episode is a bad cliché of the seventies and eighties. Even the nineties. You meet someone and immediately dislike one another. Act like middle-schoolers, making one another’s life miserable. But actually are pretty horny for each other. It doesn’t add anything to Trip’s character. Their journey in space. Or, even making a new friend. Just that if Trip is in the area next time, she is going to rock his socks off.

Precious Cargo

While some people think this is somehow worse than “Spock’s Brain” or the racist “Code of Honor”, they need to calm down. They simply insulted our intellect for some 45 minutes. “Precious Cargo” is just another one of those episodes that didn’t need to exist in the first two seasons, like all Trek does. Even the writer says it sucked. Like all those episodes in the past, move on and skip next time.