The Away Team: Regeneration (ENT S2, E23)

This has to be one of the standout episodes of the series second season. The Away Team discusses the second season episode, Regeneration. The episode is nearly a continuation of First Contact, which we started this series with.

The sphere debris that was destroyed by Picard landed in the Artic. A small group of scientists discover it and revive the drones. They take one of the shuttlecrafts and venture into deep space. Archer is ordered to find the shuttle and rescue the scientists that were taken hostage.

This is one of the darker episodes of the series. Like pervious episodes, the name of the species is never discussed. At the same time, the Borg seem more dangerous than ever. The vast amount of information the audience knows about the Borg creates higher anxiety.

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Regeneration is definitely a solid episode for the series. Even though, by this point, Voyager rode the Borg stories into the ground. However, the pain in Archer’s face is powerful knowing that he had no chance of saving the hostages.

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“Regeneration” – Memory Alpha

For a brief instance, you wonder how the Borg are so evolved in the past. Then you quickly remind yourself, these drones are from the 24th century. The episode doesn’t give you a whole lot of time to absorb the situation. The story pacing is break-neck. Mirrors the speed the crew needs to adjust to try and keep up.

At this point, we are three episodes away from the end of season two. Regeneration starts a three-episode arc, which has the crew of Enterprise trying to catch up. Then that will bring us to that season long story with the Xindi. For now, enjoy this episode and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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