The Away Team: Season Two Review

As we closed out season two of Star Trek: Enterprise last week, it was time to look back at the season that was. While previous incarnations of Star Trek have had weak sophomore seasons, Enterprise decided to go into a sort of reboot. The season two finale set the tone for what was about to come in the upcoming third season. The Away Team: Season Two Review looks back and forward.

Many longtime Trek fans belittle Enterprise for various reasons. None of which hold any water. While the writing for the first two seasons were uneven, there were a few gems. What many people fail to realize is that there aren’t a lot of great episodes in the first two seasons of TNG, DS6, and Voyager.

In the episode, Adam and I go through some of our favorite episodes, and some of the weakest of season 2. Episodes like “Carbon Creek”, “Regeneration”, and “Vanishing Point” made the list of strongest.  The list is a little mixed for the weakest.

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Less Than a Week Out from Discovery Season 4

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Recap and Discussion of Season 2

One thing people failed to realize is that Star Trek was losing to a new show with a new format. 24 hit the airwaves at the same time Enterprise launched. It became a new phenomenon in a new serialized format. Each season took place in a 24-hour time frame, which each hour being a single episode. Before that, most television was episodic unless it was a night-time drama.

Enterprise was losing steadily being paired up against them. To be honest, even I left the show to watch 24, since it was before DVRs. The executives decided to change the format to a more serialized style in the upcoming season three. We will go more into that next week. For now, enjoy The Away Team: Season Two Review.

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